About us

The Veterinary Institute Subotica is the most comprehensive veterinary system in Serbia, and the only company that provides complete solution in the field of livestock farming – from the prevention of animal diseases, through animal nutrition, to animal treatment.

This company covers production in four basic segments with its technology:

  • Production of animal feed – fodder, Dog&Style extruded food for dogs, Soprofish extruded food for fish, etc..
  • Production of chemo-pharmaceutical products: liquid and solid pharmaceutical forms
  • Production of biological preparations: viral and bacterial vaccines and serums
  • Production and services in the area of disinfection, disinsection and deratization (DDD)

An important investment cycle for the Veterinary Institute Subotica began when the company joined Victoria Group in 2005. This has resulted in a new plant for the production of pet food, the complete gasification of the Institute, and a plant for the production of extruded fish food, along with solid and liquid pharmaceutical forms.

Thanks to its compliance with the ISO standards, as well as its HACCP and GMP certificates, the Veterinary Institute Subotica today exports to European Union markets, and recently to the Russian market as well.